At A.A. Tejuoso & Co., we strongly believe that our achievements are a result of the combined efforts of each individual in the organisation sharing the same values on a daily basis:

A.A. Tejuoso & Co became fully operational in the year 1997 with the vision to provide world class services in Intellectual Property, Commercial & Corporate Law, Maritime Law, Natural and Energy Resources Law and Real Property Law in Africa.

Since our inception we have been constantly trying to improve on our services and have accordingly got a pool of skilled professionals and attorneys with vast experience within the industries we serve. We offer unique insight and valuable guidance in advising our clients and in-house legal teams on high-value cases related to these industries. Our culture is defined by the focus and commitment of our attorneys and our professional support staff. It is this dedication that our clients and peers have come to admire and respect.

We have attorneys and advisors strategically located in the Sub-Saharan Africa region and hence we are able to promptly deal with any matters that our clients require expert advice and guidance on.

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