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Intellectual Property Law

A.A.Tejuoso & Co is a full service law firm specializing in Intellectual Property law covering Sub-Saharan African countries including Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, OAPI & ARIPO regions.

All our work is conducted in an efficient and professional manner representing IP owners, firms and their clients as an undisclosed principal whilst operating within professional internationally approved client care standards.



We can assist you in

  1. Trademark Availability Searches
  2. Trademark Watch Service
  3. Filings & Registrations
  4. Renewals
  5. Opposition Proceedings
  6. Recordals of Amendments, Assignments, Merger Agreements, Licences
Trademark Registration

Our Trademark Attorneys will process your trademark registration by carrying out the following steps:

1. Providing our clients with cost estimates for searching and filing applications.

2. Conducting comprehensive clearance searches including analysis about registration of the required trademarks and providing advice on the most appropriate and cost-effective method to obtain a clearance.

3. Preparing and filing trademark applications, including obtaining appropriate legalisation of documents and translations (if applicable).

4. Responding to office actions and potential third party oppositions.

5. Negotiating settlement agreements, when necessary, to overcome prior marks.

6. Obtaining a Certificate of Trademark Registration once your trademark is approved.

7. Recording changes in name and address of proprietor, assignments, licenses and renewals of trademarks.



We can assist you in

  1. Patent Filing & Prosecution
  2. Patent Annuity Payment's
  3. Infringement & Related Litigation
  4. Filing Opposition & Responses
  5. Recordals of Amendments, Assignments, Merger Agreements, Licences
  6. Annuity Monitoring Service

Patent Registration

Our experienced registered patent attorneys deal with patent applications to be filed across Africa through a network or trusted professionals located across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Patent Registration

To secure full patent rights for our clients we provide the following services:

1. Filing of national or PCT national phase applications.
2. Filing applications to record change of name/address of applicants and the recordal of an Assignment of Patent rights.
3. Payment of the due annuities for pending and registered patents.


Industrial Designs

We can assist you in

  1. Design Filing & Prosecution
  2. Design Renewals
  3. Recordals of Amendments, Assignments, Merger Agreements, Licences
  4. Renewal Monitoring Services

Design Registration protects the overall look of the whole or a part of your design. A Registered Design grants exclusive rights in the look and appearance of your product. You can prevent others from making, offering, putting on the market, importing, exporting, using or stocking for those purposes, a product to which your design is applied. You can claim protection for the shape of a product, a two-dimensional surface pattern or graphic design, or a combination of the two.

Our team of attorneys will assist you in protecting all aspects of your designs.


Anti- Counterfeiting Law

A.A Tejuoso and Co. strives to protect our client's Intellectual Property from infringement through tailor-made strategies to take into account the different laws, governmental resources and enforcement mechanisms.

We have a committed and diverse team of attorneys with the practical International experience and the know-how to enforce your right as an Intellectual Property owner.

A.A Tejuoso & Co. offers a full service across to assist our clients in effective fighting the scourge of counterfeiting and enforcing their Intellectual Property Rights:

The following Services are provided by AAT:

  • Criminal Prosecution
  • Civil Enforcement
  • Assisting with Administrative / Regulatory Action brought via Consumer Protection Council (CPC), Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC).
  • Prosecution of Online counterfeiting


Other Services


Oil and Gas Law


Real Property Law

A.A Tejuoso & Co. offers a full service across the Property Law and Construction Law areas.

The following Services are provided by AAT:

  • Leases: Advising and Drafting of Commercial and Residential Leases.
  • Property Development: Drafting and Advising on Property Development and Joint Venture Agreements
  • Sale and Purchase Agreements: Negotiating and Drafting Sale Agreements of Residential and Commercial properties
  • Deducing and Registration of Title: Preparation and drafting of Conveyancing documents
  • Obtaining Governmental consents
  • Construction Disputes: Advising, Negotiation and Settlement of Construction Disputes in conjunction with qualified Engineers
  • Property Acquisition, Leasing and Management


Corporate and Commercial Law

A.A. Tejuoso & Co. can assist with:

  • Company and Partnership Registration and Structuring and other strategic alliances
  • Public Offerings
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Equity Investments
  • Private Equity and Debt Finance
  • Business restructuring
  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures structuring
  • Representation of issuers in a wide range of public and private equity debt offerings and financings as well as in connection with continuing compliance matters for publicly held clients.


Maritime Law

We advise on the following areas:

  • Charter Party / Bill of Lading disputes
  • Cargo claims
  • Ship sale and purchase / construction and building disputes
  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • Damage claims
  • Groundings and unsafe port claims
  • Arrest of ships and enforcement of debts
  • Commodity disputes including international sales
  • Letters of Credit and Bills of Exchange
  • Salvage


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