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The Protection of Well-Known / Famous Trade Marks in Nigeria

Trade Mark protection is territorial. By this we mean for a trade mark owner to sue for infringement of his trade mark or to prevent others from registering marks similar or identical to his mark, he must have a valid trade mark registration in the c

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Posted : 25 September, 2018

Patent Infringement In Nigeria

  An action for Patent Infringement must be brought in the Federal High Court in Nigeria. The action can be brought when a third party, without the consent of the patent holder, makes, import, sell products or applies the subject matter of the

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Posted : 4 September, 2018


  Section 26(1) and (2) of the Trade Marks Act 1990, provides for the assignment of a registered Trade  Mark. Assigning a Trade Mark means transferring ownership from one party to another. The party who is transferring ownership is refe

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Posted : 1 August, 2018


As we have discussed previously, an application to register a trademark is subject to Opposition by third parties. If a rights holder misses the opposition deadline and is unable to object to the registration of a mark is there any recourse against

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Posted : 25 April, 2018

Trade Mark Recordals

For a prospective owner of a Trade Mark the emphasis is usually on securing the registration of the mark.  However, once a trade mark has been registered it is also important to ensure that any changes affecting the registration are duly notified

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Posted : 23 March, 2018

Grounds for Refusal of a Trade Mark and Requests for Disclaimers – Nigeria

In Nigeria an application for the registration of a Trade Mark can be refused by the registrar on either Absolute or Relative Grounds. The Grounds for the refusal of a trade mark application are set out in Sections 11, 12 and 13 of the Trade Marks A

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Posted : 26 February, 2018
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