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  • How do I register a trademark in Nigeria?
    • • Carry out a preliminary search (This is not mandatory);
    • • File application specifying the classes you which to register in ;
    • • Registry issues an Acknowledgment of filing;
    • • Registry issues Letter of Acceptance if the mark is deemed registrable.;
    • • The trademark is published in the trademark journal for 60 days;
    • • If there is no opposition during the 60 day period, the trademark certificate will be applied for and issued upon the payment of the requisite Sealing fees.
  • What documents do I need to file with my application ?
    • • Representation of the trademark (logos must be in jpeg format);
    • • Applicant's details;
    • • A simply signed Power of Attorney (No Notarisation or Legalisation required);
    • • Full range of goods or services covered by the trademark;
  • Can the Registrar refuse my trademark application?
    • A Yes. The Trade Marks registry will carry out a formal and substantive examination of your application to determine whether the mark as filed is registrable. If the Registrar determines that the mark is not registrable he will issue a Refusal Letter. You are allowed to respond to the Refusal and submit a response to overturn the decision.
  • Can someone object to the registration of my trademark?
    • A Yes. Even if the Registrar accepts your trademark application for publication third parties can object to the registration of the mark once it's been officially published in the Trade Mark Journal. Any objection must be made within 60 days of the publication.
  • What do I do if an objection is raised to my trademark?
      A If there is an objection to the trademark then you are required to file a counter statement within one month of receiving the Notice of opposition.
  • Does Nigeria allow the filing of multiclass applications?
    • A No. If you wish to register your mark in more than one class of goods and/or services then you will have to file applications in each of the class that you wish to obtain trademark protection.
  • Does Nigeria follow International classification of goods and services.
    • A Yes. Nigeria follows the Nice Classification.
  • For how long will my trademark registration be valid?
    • A Indefinitely. As long as the trademark owner wishes to keep the mark and renews it. In the first instance, the mark will be renewed for a period of 7 years and then it will be renewed for further periods of 14 years.
  • Can I assign my trademark ?
    • A Yes. You can assign your trademark with or without goodwill. The assignment will be recorded at the Trade Marks registry and an Assignment certificate issued.
  • Are you an accredited Trademark Agent?
    • A Yes.
  • What is the cost of filing a trademark application ?
    • We offer very competitive pricing. Please contact us directly to obtain our full schedule of fees.

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