Country Name: SIERRA LEONE


Types of trade marks

The Act provides for the registration of the following marks:

  • goods marks (no provision for service marks)
  • parts of marks
  • series marks.


The pre-1938 United Kingdom classification of 50 goods classes is followed. A separate application must be filed for each class


Applications are filed with the Registrar of Trade Marks

The following information and documents are required:

  • full particulars of the applicant
  • power of attorney (simply signed)
  • list of goods to be covered
  • electronic prints of the mark, for each class
  • certified copy of a UK Registration (if the application is filed for cotton goods).


Applications are examined as to formal requirements and whether they are in conflict with prior applications and registrations.


Interested third parties may oppose the application within three months from date of publication. The extension of the opposition period is possible at the discretion of the Registrar, for a maximum of six months.

Duration and renewal

A trade mark registration is valid for an initial period of 14 years from the date of filing, and is renewable for like periods of 14 years each, upon payment of the applicable renewal fees.


Assignments of registered marks are possible and must be made with the goodwill of the business. The assignment must be recorded at the Registry.

Requirements for recordal:

  • a power of attorney by the assignee (simply signed)
  • deed of assignment, signed by both parties.


Types of applications

Application for a patent may be made by way of : a national phase application based on an international application under the PCT in which Sierra Leone is designated an ARIPO application designating Sierra Leone confirmation of a granted UK or EP/UK patent.


Confirmation and PCT national phase applications are filed with the office of the Registrar of Patents. Applications in terms of the Harare Protocol (ie ARIPO applications) can either be filed via the Sierra Leone Patent Office, in which case they must be transmitted to the ARIPO office for processing. Alternatively, they can be filed at the ARIPO office in Harare.

Filing requirements for confirmation of a UK patent:

  • power of attorney (simply signed)
  • certified copy of the UK Letters Patent, including specification and drawings
  • certificate from the UK Patent Office giving full particulars of the UK patent.

Filing requirements for a PCT national phase:

  • full particulars of the applicant
  • power of attorney (simply signed)
  • assignment of invention (if applicable)
  • copy of the specification (including claims, drawings and abstract), in English
  • copies of the PCT request, International Search Report, specification, claims and drawings filed in the international application, and the International Preliminary Examination Report, where relevant


Applications are subjected to formal examination, which takes place automatically.


No provision.


No provision.

Duration and maintenance

A patent obtained as confirmation of a UK patent remains in force for the period for which the UK patent remains in force, subject to the payment of renewal fees in the United Kingdom.

Assignments and licences

Assignments and licences must be recorded to be effective against third parties.

Requirements for recordal:

  • power of attorney by the applicant (simply signed)
  • deed of assignment or licence contract (original or certified copy).

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