Country Name: SOMALIA


Trade Marks


Somalia follows the old Italian classification of 49 classes. A single application may cover more than one class.

Convention priority

Priority cannot be claimed; Somalia is not a member of the Paris Convention.


In theory, a national trade mark application can be filed.

The following information and documents are required:

  • power of attorney, simply signed
  • prints of the trade mark for device marks.


Examination as to formal requirements only.


No provision is made for opposition. There are, however, specific grounds on which a registration may be cancelled.

Duration and renewal
A registration is effective for a period of 20 years and, thereafter, renewable for like periods.

Trade marks can be assigned and have to be assigned together with the goodwill of the business. Recording of an assignment can be effected.

Requirements for recordal:

  • power of attorney from assignee (simply signed)
  • deed of assignment.


Somalia is not a member of the Paris Convention.

Somalia is a member of ARIPO, as it is a party to the Lusaka Agreement on the creation of the African Regional Intellectual. Property Organsation (ARIPO). However, Somalia has not yet acceded to the Harare Protocol which regulates the filing of patents and designs in ARIPO. Accordingly, Somalia cannot be designated in an ARIPO patent or design application.

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