Previously, we discussed the framework for copyright protection in Nigeria.

Firstly, it should be noted that, unlike Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Designs there is no centralised system of copyright protection.

However, Section 14 of the Act states that publishers, printers, producers or manufacturers of copyrighted material must keep a register of all works produced by them showing:

i.   The name of the author;

ii.  The title

iii.  The year of the production

iv.  The quantity of the work produced.

We will now turn our attention to who can claim copyright protection.

The following individuals, companies or others may claim  copyright in Nigeria:  

1. Persons who are either Nigerian citizens or domiciled in Nigeria;  

2. Persons whose works are first published or in the case of sound recordings made in Nigeria

3. Persons who are employed to make a work in the course of their employments;  

4. Persons who are commissioned to make a work;  

5. Persons to whom copyright works are assigned such as Collecting Societies;  

6. Persons to whom a licence of the work has been granted;  

7. The Federal or State Government, where it has commissioned someone to make a work;

8. Companies registered in Nigeria which produces works of copyright;  

9. Non- Nigerians who are neither domiciled in Nigeria but belong to a  Convention country to which Nigeria is a party provided their works are first published in such  convention country, or by the United Nations, the African Union or Economic Community of West African States. This also would apply to companies established by or under the laws of a country that is party to an obligation or treaty or other international agreement to which Nigeria is a party.